Arcadia Belgrave

Explorer, Dungeoneer, and procurer of dangerous Artifacts


Arcadia is a female Genome full of wanderlust and excitement. She stands 5’5" and has green eyes and blond hair died red at the tips. She wears and explorer’s outfit with lots of pockets and pouches. Her frame is small like most genomes.

She is not, however, as socially inclined as most genomes. It is not that she does not understand social interaction, but rather that she stands apart from it as an observer. She has sex once with both a male and a female in the interests of learning, but her actual sexual alignment is unknown, even to her, as sex doesn’t cross her mind very often.

She has a pet Cynwrig (A bird which molts and changes it’s coloration drastically with the seasons) which flies around her flat in the Palace City of the Capitol (unnamed?). She is a member of the Royal Expedition, carrying out many excavation and exploration duties allotted her by the Lord Dreme who stands over the Royal expedition as it’s caretaker.


Arcadia’s history is unknown, even to herself. One day she woke up in a ruined city, remembering only her name. Her bag was full of maps, and a detailed analysis of the very ruins she was standing in. It took her a while to retrace her steps, but what she figured out was that she was applying to an explorer’s guild of some kind, and that this report was her entry fee. He looked at a few of her maps, and began travelling to this place.

It took her years to regain her understanding of her situation, though she’d never regain her lost memories, but now she is a fully realized member of the Royal Expedition. She is a close personal friend of Lord Dreme.

Arcadia Belgrave

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