An Expedition to Skywall Ruins, By Arcadia Belgrave

This is a collection of notes and scribbles studying the Skywall Ruins in the southern fens of our Continent.

I The City of Skywall

In order to investigate the Ruins at Skywall, I first had to introduce myself to the City of Skywall which stands a short 127 Kilometers from the site. The City of Skywall is a relatively small village, mostly inhabited by Genomes, Halflings, and a few if you ask me rather nasty gnomes. To the natives of Skywall, the Ruins are a place of sacred tranquility. Most of the villagers had been to the ruins at one time or another. Curiously enough, however, they all seemed to have a different explanation for the sacred nature of the ruins. Marrinade Tealeaf, the halfling waitress at the Glory Gale Tavern and Inn, said that it was an ancient shrine to the god Ventus. Venirus Venintus, the barkeep at the same Tavern recounted pagan worship of the High Fey Orcus. As intriguing as these stories were, I knew that I had to investigate the Ruins themselves in order to learn the truth.

II The Entrance to Skywall

An Expedition to Skywall Ruins, By Arcadia Belgrave

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