Nadel Vespira

Thief, Dancer, woman, extraordinaire


Volume 1: The Velvet Rose
the Velvet Rose was born out of necessity. The goblins had played a perfect game and a small city now burned with it’s inhabitants. Everything reached extremes as a war was nearing. The closest thing that the world had seen to a war in hundreds of years, that is. One of the most experienced ‘Thieves’ that acquired wares from the goblins took the next step. Nadel Vespira became a spy. Defeating this foe required a new level of stealth. A blade in the dark, and Silent Knight. Nadel, who was already a very well-known thief, dropped off the radar completely and became the Velvet Rose.

The Velvet Rose became famous in her own right. Not as a female rogue, but as a symbol. A symbol of the power of freedom, and the good that one person can do without any sort of payment. She was idolized by many, worshiped by some. Yet when she walked down the street, none of them knew her face.

Then she disappeared. She was sent on a mission given directly by the king, and she simply never came back. A body was never found, and she was declared to have given her life for the greater good.

Years passed.

Rumors became myths, myths became legend, and before long, thieves found themselves whispering prayers for luck and stealth to Velvet Rose; the lady rogue. The truth of her life passed out of all knowledge, and the goddess of stealth and integrity was born.

Volume 2: The youngest Daughter
Nadel Vespira was born Nadel Longburrow, the youngest of 5 sisters. Her family were cobblers. Nadel had always had light fingers, and ‘borrowed’ things when her siblings weren’t looking, only to put them back nice and neat when least expected. She didn’t need to announce her deeds; seeing their effects was enough for her. Like a few of her sisters, shoes and soles and tacks meant nothing to Nadel. She longed to strike out on her own, and when she was old enough, she did just that.

At 15 she packed up a satchel with some of her more cherished possessions, and left the home she’d been raised in. She found her fortune in early life as a messenger. She got to see new things, and got paid for the trip. No downside, she thought. Meanwhile she perfected her finger tricks. Slight of hand tricks here and there. She made some money on the side fooling humans who were eager to bet their gold away.

It was her love of her gambling gimmicks that first landed her in jail, and caused her to learn of her next love: Lockpicking. The next few years she spent finding locks to pick and meeting the consequences of doing so. She joined the Thieves Guild, in order to properly perfect this craft of hers. And perfect it she did. In a few years she was teaching younger thieves how to pick locks, hide daggers, and sneak attack a wooden mannequin.

(To be continued)

Nadel Vespira

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